The benefits of raspberry leaf tea. My experience

Lately, I’ve been drinking tea every day. I’ve started doing it again after a multi-year break.

The first reason for returning to this habit is very atypical. My grandfather is a fan of tea in all its varieties. He is very hospitable and loves to treat his guests and relatives to tea.

The second reason is that tea reminds me of the best years of my childhood. Pleasant nostalgia heals and even reduces pain.

Finally, it has long been known that tea has many health benefits.

But there is one fly in the ointment.

The problem is that almost all tea leaves on the market are treated with pesticides. Some tea varieties have been found to contain pesticides that have carcinogenic activity (including DDT).

My beautiful mother died at age 50 of cancer. I also have a heightened predisposition to certain cancers, including skin and prostate cancer.

Genetics plays a very important role in the formation of malignant tumors. However, lifestyle and environmental factors also play a very important role. One important risk factor for cancer is diet and chemical carcinogens.

They are not always the cause of DNA mutation. However, they can act as catalysts and enhancers of tumor growth and reduce anti-cancer immunity.

Understanding all of this, I have made it my goal to eliminate carcinogenic foods or at least drastically reduce their ratio in my diet. Inflation and sky-high prices for organic products in my country don’t allow me to do it quickly.

Here, in my country, organic products are more for wealthy citizens or for those who grow them themselves in their own gardens.

Imagine my face when I saw the price of certified organic prunes, which was 20 times higher than what I could buy in the store.

So, I decided to do it gradually

 One of the items I wanted to replace with organic first was tea. I also considered switching to herbal tea because it was easier for me to get organic herbs than chemical-free green tea leaves. But I didn’t like the taste of some teas at all.

Those who are into herbal teas know what I’m talking about.

Other teas, like peppermint, could have a negative effect on my testosterone. Moreover, I get bored very quickly with mint tea.

I wanted a taste similar to green and black teas, which I consider neutral. I never get bored with them. I’m a big fan of their flavor.

Here’s how my problem was solved

Not only does my grandfather like to make fresh tea, but he also likes to serve it to others. After another cup of this delicious drink made by Grandpa, I decided to pour it myself.

I looked in the pot and saw leaves in it that reminded me of something, and no, they were green tea leaves.

Photo by author

 Although the taste seemed very similar if one teaspoon of sugar (or stevia) was added to it. The leaves looked like raspberries. I asked Grandpa if I was right and he confirmed.

 I was very happy! That’s because, in my hometown, where I live, I have a huge number of raspberry bushes growing in my garden right outside my house.

I have also noticed several positive changes in my well-being and health since I started drinking this tea: 

  • It has improved my bile flow, especially after drinking warm tea. Nothing has helped me with this problem quite like this aromatic drink. That’s because red raspberry leaf tea makes the muscles relax or contract, depending on the dosage. (Important: make sure you don’t have any large gallstones in your gallstones before using it!)
  • I’ve also noticed an increase in stress tolerance during prolonged intellectual work and an overall improvement in well-being and mood.


I am not encouraging anyone to refuse to buy organic green tea. If it is affordable in your country, when you buy it, you are also supporting many working people and their families in the countries where it is grown. This is a good thing. But if you are on a tight budget and have a predisposition to cancer, I recommend trying this wonderful drink after consulting your doctor. If you plan to ask your neighbors and relatives for raspberry leaves, be sure to clarify whether they treat the area near the bushes with pesticides. Otherwise, such a product can no longer be considered truly organic.

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