Hello, dear readers of my blog and my fellow followers!

My name is Sergi and I am a writer who is passionate about health. No, no! I am not one of those people who have a perfect body or excellent health.

I am more of an average person. With my own health problems. The paradox is that if I were healthy, I wouldn’t be interested in the topic of health.

What can I do for you?

I am one of those people who like to study issues in detail, and explain complicated things in simple, understandable words.

I also want to make the scientific environment more fun.

My concept is rationality. I believe that doctors, scientists, pharmaceuticals, and bloggers can work together to bring value to people.

I love searching for the truth and sharing it.

I built this blog primarily to help you, and only secondarily to make money.

Because a blog built with the primary goal of making money loses its value to the reader.

I will be glad if my articles will help you to be free from your problems, illnesses, anxieties, and fears.

Nevertheless, I strongly urge you to follow the recommendations of your doctor in the first place.

My articles have only informative value and cannot be used as medical advice.

Self-medication often has very unfortunate consequences. What may help one person may harm another!